how to install windows 7

Hello blogger friends, all this time may be amongst you can not install windows 7. calm in the post this time ane will tell (tempeh is fine) how to install windows on the computer 7 friends all ... in windows 7 is almost the same way with Installing Windows Vista installation, certainly simpler than installing windows xp ..
ok, please carefully read the following ways:
1. Make sure you've got a computer to install the windows 7.
and the minimum specifications for installing windows 7 is:
• 1 GHz processor (32 - or 64-bit)
• 1 GB of RAM (32-bit) and 2 GB of RAM for (64-bit)
• Available blank hard drive to 16 GB (32-bit) and 20 GB for (64-bit)
• Compatible DirectX 9 graphics with a WDDM driver 1.0 / higher
That is the recommended minimum specifications, if the specification is less than the minimum you can, but can install it for days and of course the computer is slow ..
Just go straight .....

2. Of course also must have a DVD Installation of Windows 7 to nginstalnya
3. Turn on the computer and press del / F2 to enter the bios after it was set
computer to boot from dvd, save the bios configuration.
4. You continue to enter the DVD.
5. Click on any key if there is a question whether to boot from
cd or dvd.
6. reply was, will appear like this view

7. Next comes the display as shown below, select the language you prefer or just click next.

8. Directly without preamble click Install Now

9. After that check the requirements below, continue to next

10. Because we are doing clean install then select the Custom (advanced)

11. Select the partition that will be used to install windows seven (7), the examples below have not been partitioned hard drive, if you want to split into several partitions before the installation process select the Drive options (advanced) there we can create, delete and resize partitions, or can aja click next and you can continue the partition after the installation process is complete.

12. The installation process begins ... stay you wait until some twenty minutes, while drinking coffee and smoking cigarettes or make a roast chicken ....

13. When finished, the computer will restart itself and will appear next installation process

14. Type a user name and the name of your computer, whatever you wrote, for example, your own name

15. If you want your computer safe, stay given the password, write a couple of times and should be the same, then filled with a password hint example clue kalo passwornya buddy forgot to stay .. then click Next

16. Insert the Windows Product key, usually already in his intalasi dvd package. if misalnyteman-friend did not have his Poduct key just leave it blank, you are given the opportunity to try windows 7 for 30 days:

17. The next process you just choose whether windows windows settings will automatically update itself or not, but if you select update itself on your computer must already connect to the internet. Choose like-like you and live clicks.

18. And set the time zone, and adjust to your residence each

19. Allhamdulillah finally finished, install the hardware drivers on your computer to run the maximum windows, such as driver VGA, audio, chipset, network, bluetooth and others.

Good luck, and do not forget to reply read all leave a comment, GOOD LUCK!
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How to quickly listed in google adsense

Google Adsense (GA) is an online-based earnings ppc (pay per click) which was seeded on the Internet, especially in Indonesia. To register you need to sign in by entering original identity we have, including the website. Then after that is wait (approximately 1-3 days) whether we will accept or not.

Here are some tips to process your application quickly accepted by the technical support Google Adsense.

1. Use Gmail
Google now provides a free email facility for the netter on the internet, try to register at to get free email used for registration process to Google Adsense.

2. Use / Blogspot
To enroll in the Google Adsense, you must register your site, well, if not have a website then try a free blog-based website, the Blogger / Blogspot is addressed in Or can also use the services of Google's other, for this can be found in the search engine

3. Website Language Bahasa
Try the website listed to Google's Adsense is a website that has content or content that speaks Bahasa chance than acceptable, Bahasa language website can also enjoy the services that are not available when we signed up with the Indonesian-language website.

4. Content writing has a lot of
In addition to speaking Bahasa try to fill the website with writings that are useful for many people. Approximately 10 articles to make their length an average of approximately 3 / 4 (three quarters) Microsoft Word pages with normal spaces. Try writing the original, the original of your ideas, but if you want to copy - paste (Copas) written by others, please only, provided you ask permission first and include the original source of these writings on your website. Remember, respect other people's work if you want to be appreciated.

5. Find Online total number
Find the visitors as much for your website, how can tell the website that you have to your friends or someone else, sign up to search engines, directories, etc. or it could be a link exchange (link exchange) and so on.

Tips above are some ways to speed up the registration process we are on Google Adsense, may still be many other ways to speed up the registration process you on Google Adsense, then that try looking for more, including the search in search engines.

Ways above have been practiced by some people AdSenser moment to register with Google Adsense, and proved to be more readily accepted by the technical support Google Adsense, but that does not mean if it does not use over a longer acceptance process, because you could not practice ways on your website but is still acceptable in quick time by Google Adsense, chances are your site has gained trust from the Google Adsense.
Good try ... good luck
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Register to Search Engine Sites

One more value of a website is listed on popular search engines so easy to find and of course will bring greater traffic. How to listed on a search engine is actually quite easy, although you can not turn your site into the first page of the search index.

Things - things that must be fulfilled
To be able to get listed in search engine, your website must meet some of the following requirements:

Your website must contain text elements
Search engines read the non-binary files on your website. Text - the text contained in it will be stored in the database search engine that will appear in the search for the keywords relevant to the content. We do not recommend making a full flash website in search engines because the technology currently can not read flash files
Complete the header on each page
Header consisting of the title, meta description, meta keywords and must be filled with words - words that are relevant to the content of the website. This further allows search engines to store the contents of your web pages in its database.
Make all pages with complete
Before you start registering your website on search engines, please make the whole page with the full. There must be no deadlink. Usually not a lot of search engine search results refer to the website that there are still many deadlink.
We recommend that you create a sitemap
To facilitate the search engines find pages - pages on your website, create a sitemap that contains links to all pages in the website.
Add alt tags on image links
Alt tag on images that relate to (a link) will allow search engines for targeted mengcrawl pages by link.

Register on Google
Google has many facilities to register the website and put it in its search index. To register a website on Google can choose one of the ways listed on the page:
Usually for a new website, you are advised to register through

Register at Yahoo
To register your site with Yahoo, can be done through:

REMEMBER! There is no guarantee
Keep in mind that there is no guarantee your site will go into the Google search index, Yahoo, and other search engines. Each - each search engine has a selection mechanism, crawling, and indexing are different - different.

The easiest way to be entered in the search index is through the link. Add a link to your website from another website pages - pages have been entered into the search index.
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How are you my friends, than no job and so I am posting page looks much, here I'll tell you a little about how to reinstall WINDOWS XP, may have a lot of friends who knew about it but I still would discuss it because yesterday I my friend asked for help installing Windows XP hers, than he paid dearly for WINDOWS XP install, it's better to buy a pack of cigarettes for me .... hahaha
Step-by-step installation of Windows XP:
1. Prepare the Windows XP CD
2. Turn on the computer
3. Enter into the BIOS by pressing the DELETE or F2 key on the keyboard.
4. Booting in the BIOS settings on the PC with the following order:
a. First boot (first boot): CDROM
b. Second boot (the boot): HDD0 or IDE0 (Disk)
c. Third boot (booting third): up to you.
5. Save changes to the BIOS settings by pressing F10 and then answered Yes then ENTER.
6. Insert the Windows CD X
7. Then follow these steps

After you insert the Windows XP CD, it will show the message "Press any key to boot from CD" Press ENTER to boot the Windows XP CD.

After that will come

Windows XP Professional Setup
1. To set up Windows XP now, press ENTER.
2. To repair a Windows XP installation using Recovery Console, press R.
3. To quit Setup without installing Windows XP, press F3.
Press ENTER to start the installation of Windows XP.
Then will come

Microsoft XP Licensing Agreement
1. F8 = I agree
2. ESC = I do not agree
3. PAGE DOWN = Next Page
Press F8, to agree on the Windows XP license agreement
Then will come

Windows XP Professional Setup
Use the arrow keys on the bottom and to select items on the menu.
• To setup Windows XP on the selected item, press ENTER.
• To create a partition in the unpartitioned space, press C.
• To delete the selected partition, press D.
Then press Enter to do the setup ... ... ... ..
Select the format hard drive partition to format the partition using the NTFS file system and then press ENTER.

The next press ENTER again to format the hard drive partition that we created earlier
On display will show the message Please wait while Setup formats the partition
The next process is copying data / files from the Windows CD in the CD-ROM into the hard drive
After the partition and format division managed the computer will restart automatically own PC or by pressing the ENTER key

After the computer restarted it will perform like Windows XP logo below (Microsoft Windows XP Professional)

After the loading process is complete, the next process is the installation of windows (Installing Windows)

At the time of the installation process windows will appear the windows and Languange Regional Options, click Next for the next process.

In the Personalize Your Software window there are 2 items that Name & Organization, fill in the information you want. After you fill click Next. (for example in the Name: DEDE & Organization: BONTANG)

The next process is to enter the Your Product Key (Serial Number is invalid or serlisensi / registered at Microsoft). Length character serial number for each Windows is 25 characters. After you enter the correct serial number on the Product Key click Next

The next process is the Computer Name and Administrator Password. In the Computer Name fill in the name you want as an example BONTANG. (This is the information for your computer name). In the Type an administrator password. (you can fill in the password or not at all) Click Next for the next process

The next process Date and Time Settings. Click Next to the next process

The next Networking Settings. Select Typical Settings and click Next

The next process is the Workgroup or Computer Domain. Select No and click Next

After the installation process is complete then the computer will restart itself automatically PCs

Once the boot process is complete then you will see a Display Settings window, click OK and on the Monitor Settings tab click OK again

After the adjustment process between the Windows display settings with VGA hardware is finished you will see a display like this below

Click Next and then there is another view and then click Skip will appear

Ready to register with Microsoft?
Are you ready to register online with Mircosoft?
• Yes
• No
In this option select No and click Next for the next process

The next process is to create a user account in Your Name WindowsPada fill user name you want. 1 user name should be ... ... .. Then click Next

Thank you!
Congratulations you have completed the installation of Windows XP Click Finish to end

Good luck ^. ^
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History of underground music in Indonesia

Embryo born underground rock music scene in Indonesia is difficult released from the evolution of pioneer rocker rocker-70s-era as his predecessor. Call it like God Bless, Gang Pegangsaan, Gypsy (Jakarta), Giant Step, Super Kid (Bandung), Terncem (Solo), AKA / SAS (Surabaya), Bentoel (Malang) until Rawe Rontek from Banten. They are the first generation of rockers Indonesia. The term itself actually underground magazine has been used since the early era Aktuil 70 - an. The term is used magazines and music pioneer lifestyles from Bandung was to identify the bands that played loud music with a style that is more `wild 'and` extreme' for the size of his era. And to be honest, the songs played by the bands mentioned above are not the work of their own songs, but bands of foreign kinds Deep Purple, Jefferson Airplane, Black Sabbath, Genesis, Led Zeppelin, Kansas, Rolling Stones to ELP . This counterproductive tradition and history
his name had fragrant on the national stage. Call it like El Pamas, Grass Rock (Malang), Power Metal (Surabaya), Adi Metal Rock (Solo), Val Halla (Medan) to Roxx (Jakarta). Also log too, who gave birth to the birth of the label's first rock record in Indonesia, Logiss Records. The first product is an album labels
God Bless the third, "Black Ants" was released in 1988 and sold up to 400,000 records in Indonesia.

Toward the end of the 80s era, the whole world at that time a young child is experiencing fever thrash metal music. A development of musical style that is more extreme metal more than heavy metal. Bands who became his gods include Slayer, Metallica, Exodus, Megadeth, Kreator, Sodom, Anthrax to Sepultura. Most big cities in Indonesia like Jakarta, Bandung, Jogjakarta, Surabaya, Malang to Bali, scene undergroundnya first born of the extreme music genre. In Jakarta alone metal community first appeared in public in early 1988. Community child metal (the term was not yet popular underground) was used to hang out at the Pid Pub, a small pub in the shopping area Pondok Indah, South Jakarta. According to Krisna J. Sadrach, frontman Sucker Head, other than hanging out, kids who hang out there by Aunt Esther, Pid Pub owner, given the opportunity to get a gig there. Every Saturday night there is usually always a live show of the new bands in the Pid Pub and most bands that carry the rock or metal music.

Bands that often hang out at the scene Pid Pub, among others Roxx (Metallica & Anthrax), Sucker Head (Kreator & Sepultura), commotion Of Resources (Exodus), Painfull Death, Rotor (Kreator), Razzle (GN'R) , husky (DRI & MOD), body, until the Alien Scream Mortus (Obituary). Some bands on the next trip much splitting into new bands. Commotion Of Resources is the embryo of sap gothic metal band, while the rough is the embryo death metal band Alien Scream lawas. In addition Oddie, Painfull Death vocalist then formed Sic Mynded industrial group in the United States with Rudi Soedjarwo (director Ada Apa Dengan Cinta?). The rotor itself was formed in 1992 after guitarist cabutnya Sucker Head, Irvan Sembiring who felt the concept of Head Sucker music was still less extreme for him.

Spirit that brought these predecessors are still struggling traditional pattern of `old school ', proud to be the band's cover versions! Among them all, only the lucky Roxx recordings for their first single, "Rock echo". This happens because they are one of the finalists Rock Festival-Indonesia to Se-V. Get a recording contract from the label is the obsession is too much at that time. Never mind the recordings, demo recordings can be played on the radio they are happy. At that time a regular radio station aired music rock / metal is the Bahamas Radio, Radio Metro and Radio SK Jaya. From several radio is probably the most legendary is the Radio Mustang. They have a program called Rock N 'Rhythm of
airs every Wednesday night from 19.00 - 21.00 WIB. This radio station even disatroni directly by thrash metal dedengkot Brazil, Sepultura, when they came to Jakarta in June 1992. In addition to the medium of radio, mass media which often examines news rock / metal at that time only HAI Magazine, Tabloid Citra Vista Music and Magazines.

Besides hanging out at the Pid Pub every weekend, the children of this metal hanging out daily in the parking Retna Pharmacies located in Cilandak, South Jakarta. Some young celebrities hanging out with my first time (groupies?) The children of this metal include Ayu Azhari, Cornelia Agatha, Sophia Latjuba, Karina Suwandi to Kiyani. Actress Ayu Azhari himself even as his wife dipersunting by (late) which is Jodhie Gondokusumo Sap vocalist and also
former vocalist Rotor.

Not how far from Retna Pharmacy, other locations are often used as rehearsal location is the Studio One Feel, which is the most legendary studio practice and in a way almost all the bands rock / metal lawas been routine practice capital here. Pub Pid addition, an alternative venue where bands rock underground
gig at that time was the Black Hole and restaurants in Manari Open Air Museum Satria Mandala (Poster embryo Café). Despite that, performing arts and music events MA campus often also in the "infiltration" by the metal bands are. Some of the historical pensi include Pamsos (SMA 6 Bulungan), PL Fair (SMA
Pangudi Luhur), Kresikars (SMA 82), the University campus music events
National (Pejaten), Gunadarma University, University of Indonesia (Depok), Unika Atmajaya Jakarta, Indonesia Institute of Technology (Serpong) to Victoria University (Pulomas).

Berkonsernya two international metal supergroup in Indonesia, Sepultura (1992) and Korn (1993) gives considerable contribution to the development of metal bands similar in Indonesia. Shortly after Sepultura successful "burn" the Jakarta and Surabaya, Roxx speed metal band release their debut album self-titled them under
Blackboard label. This cassette album would become one of the classic speed metal album era of Indonesia's 90. The same thing also experienced by the rotor. Phenomenal success Metallica concert opening for two consecutive days in Lebak Bulus Stadium, rotor and then thrash metal release of the first major label in Indonesia, Behind The 8th Ball (Airo). Capitalize recommendations from Metallica's tour manager, and honors the 30 million dollars twice a Metallica concert opening, the rotor personnel (minus drummer Bakkar Bufthaim) exodus to the country and then Uncle Sam to speculate. Sucker Head himself recorded late in releasing the debut album than the band
the rest of their contemporaries. After the major labels signed local, Aquarius
Musikindo, just at the beginning of 1995 they released the album `The Head Sucker '. Head Sucker until now been released recorded four albums.

From such a long journey underground rock in the ground water, probably in the first half of the new 90-anlah decade began many scene-established underground scene in the truest sense in Indonesia. In Jakarta alone consolidation massive metal scene centered in Block M in early 1995. At that time some metal kids often
seen hanging out on the floor game center 6 Blok M Plaza and at a popular restaurant franchise there. Their activities other than hang out is the exchange of information about local bands daninternasional, barter CDs, buying and selling metal t-shirts to plan for organizing the concert. Some others chose again to hang out in the basement of Block Mall, who happened to be located underground.

In this era of hype massive metal music is loved the more extreme subgenre of death metal, brutal death metal, grindcore, black metal to gothic / doom metal. Some bands are more glossy name in this era is Grausig, Trauma, Aaarghhh, skull, Delirium TREMENS, Corporation of Bleeding, Adapter, Betrayer, sadistic, Godzilla, and so on. Skull grindcore band in 1996 even as the band recorded the first mini-album, released independently in Jakarta with the title `It's a Proud to Vomit Him '. The album was professionally recorded at Studio Triple M, Jakarta, and sound engineer Harry Widodo (formerly been handled albums Roxx, Rotor, Coil, Puppen and PAS).

Year 1996 also had the birth records first underground music fanzine in Jakarta, brainwashed zine. The first edition appeared brainwashed by displaying 24 pages and profiles Grausig cover band Trauma, and Delirium TREMENS Betrayer. In the type of computer operating system based on Windows 3.1 and lay-out cut n 'paste a traditional, brainwashed and then reproduced 100 copies with the copy machine writer's own brother. In subsequent editions are brainwashed review hardcore bands, punk and even ska. After rising to four photocopied edition, in the year 1997 had brainwashed professionally printed magazine-style with a cover
full color. Until the year 1999 rose strongly brainwashed to just seven editions, until finally in 2000 the author initiated the e-zine format on the Internet ( Similar media that is more consistent then published in Jakarta, among others Morbid Noise zine, Guerilla zine, Rottrevore zine, zine and Cosmic

29 September 1996 marks the beginning of a new era for the development of underground rock in Jakarta. Exactly on that day indie music events held for the first time in Poster Café. The event called "Underground Session" is held once every two weeks working at night. Café owned by legendary rocker geeks
Ahmad Albar is a lot of bearing and rearing of new indie music scene that plays different music genres and more varied. The birth scene Brit / indie pop, ska music explosion is phenomenal era 1997 - 2000 until tawuran historic mass between the mass fraction of Jakarta with Bandung occurred also in this place. Sap,
The Brain Machine, Stepforward, Dead Pits, Bloody Gore, Straight Answers, Frontside, RU Sucks, Fudge, Jun Fan Gung Foo, Be Quiet, Bandempo, Kindergarten, RGB, Burning Inside, Sixtols, Looserz, HIV, Planet Earth, hospital, Fable, hairpins, Naive, Toilet Sounds, Agus Sasongko & FSOP is a small band of `full 'gig there.

March 10, 1999 is the day of the death scene Café Poster for ever. On that day for the last time music events held there (subnormal Revolution) that led riots between punk with a mass of local people to effect the destruction of several cars and show his teeth in local police disperse the mass. Poster Café dissolution even beyond expectations many birth-venue alternative venue for each of indie music scene. Butterfly Café at Bulungan used ska music scene, Pondok Indah Waterpark, 2000 GM Gueni café and Café scene in Cikini to Brit / indie pop, Parakeet De Javu Club in Menteng for gigs punk / hardcore and indie pop. Later BB's Bar the super-narrow in Menteng is often hired to show garage-rock, mellow new wave punk rock is now in hot, such as The Upstairs, grin, The Brandals, C'mon Lennon, Killed By Butterfly, Sajama Cut,
Devotion and many more. Among them, perhaps the most `neutral 'and is used only cross-scene yangterletak Nirvana Café in the basement of Hotel Maharadja, South Jakarta. Precisely in this place, January 13, 2002 the past, history Puppen `kill 'them in a historic concert entitled," Puppen: Last Show Ever ", a series of final shows before the band Bandung disband.

Scene Punk / Hardcore / Brit / Indie Pop

Invasion music grunge / alternative album and the release of Kiss This by Sex Pistols in 1992 was enough to trigger a powerful tool in delivery of new bands that do not play metal music. For example, Aer Pestol band from Young Offender community that often the beginning of their work to cover the songs the Sex Pistols complete with dress-up punk and mohawknya haircut. Uniquely, the next trip, around the year 1994, Pestol Aer then change the direction of their music into a band that carries the genre british / indie pop a la the Stone Roses. It is said that this historic event
later became a significant moment for the development scene british / indie pop in Jakarta. Before breaking up, in mid-1997 they had released a debut album titled `... Jang Doeloe '. Early generations of the brit pop scene, among others, are bands Hospital, Wondergel, Planet Earth, Orange, Jellyfish, Brace Hair, Room-V,
Parklife to Death Goes To The Disco.

Aer Pestol was not the first punk band, this capital city in 1989 had given birth punk band / hardcore pioneers who often played Antiseptic numbers of Black Flag, The Misfits, DRI until the Sex Pistols. Lukman (Waiting Room / The Superglad) and Robin (Sucker Head / Noxa) is an alumnus of this band. In addition to frequent gigs in Jakarta, Antiseptic also had a gig at the legendary rockfest Bandung, Hullabaloo II at the end of 1994. Antiseptic own debut album is titled `Finally 'new release eight years later (1997) in Yogyakarta There is also an alternative bands like Ocean that play a la Jane's Addiction and others, unfortunately they could not release the tape.

In addition, in early 1990, Jakarta also printed punk rock band The Idiots who originally duets cover the songs of The Exploited. Not much different from the Antiseptic, only nine years later The Idiots released their debut album titled `Living Comfort In Anarchy 'via indie label Movement Records. Community -
communities punk / hardcore also mushroomed in Jakarta in the era of the 90th. In addition to Young Offender communities had, there are also communities South Sex (SS) in the area of Radio Dalam, subnormal in Kelapa Gading, Semi-People in Duren Sawit, Brotherhood in Slipi, Locos in Blok M to SID in Rawamangun Seventeen.

While the scene releases of classic punk / hardcore Jakarta is a compilation album Walk Together, Rock Together (Locos Enterprise) that the early release singles in 1997 and includes among others the band Youth Against Fascism, Anti Septic, Straight Answers, Dirty Edge and so on. Compilation album punk / hardcore is another classic Still One, Still Proud (Movement Records) which contains singles from Sexy Pig, The Idiots, Death to Cryptical Out Of Control.

Bandung scene

In Bandung in early 1994 there was a legendary music studio that became the embryo of underground rock scene there. Reverse his name Studio located in the area Sukasenang. The formation of this studio was conceived by Richard Mutter (then drummer PAS) and Helvi. When growing Reverse then expanded its business by
open distribution (acronym of the distribution) that sells CDs, cassettes, posters, t-shirts, and various other imported accessories. Apart from distribution, Richard also had a chance to form an independent label that releases his first 40.1.24 in the year 1997 is a compilation CD titled "Masaindahbangetsekalipisan." Indie bands that participate in this compilation include Burger Kill, Puppen, Papi, Rotten To The Core, Full of Hate and the Waiting Room, as the only band from Jakarta.

Bands that had been raised by the community Reverse include PAS and Puppen. PAS itself in the year 1993 the band made history as the first time Indonesia released the album independently. Their mini-album titled "Four Through The SAP" sold out in a 5000 tape a short amount of time. Mastermind who gave birth to the idea of releasing an album independently PAS was (late) Samuel Marudut. He was Music Director Radio GMR, the first rock radio station in Indonesia, which often play a recording demos rock bands amateur from Bandung, Jakarta and surrounding areas. Tragically, in early 1995 found dead Marudut lifeless at the residence of Krishna Sucker Head in Jakarta. Surprisingly, this death, according to Krishna, accompanied by the song The End of the album Best of The Doors who played the tape in the room Krisna. Meanwhile Puppen formed in 1992 is one of the pioneers of local hardcore until his death in 2002 had released three albums namely, Not A Pup EP (1995), MK II (1998) and Puppen s / t (2000). Then followed the album Pure Saturday with a self-titled. The album was later assisted his promotion by O Magazine. Kubik also experienced the same thing, by way of a bonus 3 track cassette album before release.

A little to the east, still in Bandung as well, we'll find a community that became the epicenter of underground metal in there, Berung Edge community. Formerly in this area could stand a lot of Studio Palapa raising meritorious underground bands of the rock body, Forgotten, Sacrilegious, Sonic Torment, Morbus Corpse, Tympanic Membrane, Infamy, Burger Kill, and so on. Here, then, in early 1995 the first music fanzine published in Indonesia called Revograms Zine. Dinan editor, is Sonic Torment vocalist who has a unique single titled "Talking Machete". Zine Revograms had recorded three times and all of the material published discussing the contents metal bands / local and international hardcore.

Then later taklama indie fanzine like Swirl, Thirteen, Burning Boundaries and others joined indie jazz media. Ripple and Trolley emerged as a magazine that discusses trends and subculture Bandung lifestylenya jug. Trolley bankrupt in 2002, while Ripple magazine pocket change from the standard magazine format. While generally photocopied fanzine which until now still continue to exist. He exclaimed in Bandung was only the advanced extreme music but also popnya indie scene. Since Pure Saturday came, the indie pop band or an alternative, such as Cherry Bombshell, Sieve, Nasi Putih to the latest like The Milo, Mocca, Homogenic. Similarly, the ska scene actually existed long before the big ska trend. Bands like Agent Noin Bullet and Skins have long carried this musical genre.

Anyone who has witnessed underground rock concert in Bandung must not forget the famous Saparua GOR up to various corners of the country. For indie bands, this venue is like a sacred building full of magical power. Bandung any band out if you have the `godfather 'here yet Afdhal it. Artifacts underground subculture most legendary Bandung is digelarnya witness some phenomenal rock show like Hullabaloo, noisy until Bandung Bandung Underground. The number of viewers every events in the relatively spectacular, between 5000 - 7000 spectators! Admission only to be traded with all the fantastic price by scalpers. Maybe this is a separate record of unsolved up to now in Indonesia to show the size of underground rock.

Had been called as a barometer of underground rock in Indonesia, Bandung is a city that offers a million clever ideas for the progress of the national scene. Distributions boom that swept across Indonesia today is spearheaded by the city. The success of indie albums selling tens of thousands of pieces of the band experienced Sam also started from this city. Even Burger Kill, Indonesia hardcore band who first signed a contract with major labels, Sony Music Indonesia, also raised in this city. Not to mention the magazine Trolley (RIP) and Ripple is like to be reincarnated in today's Aktuil, remain loyal to the largest portion of their coverage for bands local indie cool of Koil, Kubik, Balcony, The Bahamas, Blind To See, Rocket Rockers, The Milo , Teenage Death Star, Communal until the SIGIT Please check webzine Bandung, Death Rock Star ( to prove it. The original, this one city is not no death!

Scene Jogjakarta

City student was nicknamed formal, but who would have thought that this city was also one of the strongest underground rock scene in Indonesia? Well, let's explore a little history. Underground metal community Jogjakarta Jogja one of which is Corpsegrinder. This community had published a Human Waste metal fanzine, a magazine megatons and legendary metal event held there, Jogja Brebeg. Until now the event was held ten times! Metal bands from the city's underground lawas include Death Vomit, Mortal Scream, Impurity, Brutal Corpse, Mystis, Ruction.

For the scene punk / hardcore / industrial his Risen in the early 1997 tersebutlah Sabotage name, Something Wrong, Noise For Violence, Black Boots, DOM 65, Teknoshit to the most recent, Bre. As for scene indie rock / pop, some names that should be highlighted is the Seek Six Sick, Bangkutaman, Strawberry's Pop to The Monophones. In addition, the coolest ska band ever born in Indonesia, Shaggy Dog, is also from this town. Shaggy Dog is now signed to EMI, which recently absorbed even a concert tour around Europe for 3 months! Gudeg city is noted also been held Parkinsound, an electronic music festival, the first in Indonesia. Parkinsound # 3 held on July 6, 2001 past shows including Garden Of The Blind, Mock Me Not, Teknoshit, Fucktory, melancholic Bitch up
Mean Machine.

Scene Surabaya

Underground rock scene in Surabaya began with growing-development of independent bands wing death metal / grindcore around mid-1995. The history begins with the formation of Surabaya Expo event (like Jakarta Fair in Jakarta - Red) where underground bands such as metal, Slowdeath, Torture, Dry, Venduzor, Bushido gig at a music event in the event.

After the event, each band is then agreed to set up an organization called the Independent. Base camp from the organizational goals as the establishment of a unifying container as well as means of information dissemination between the musician / metal underground bands at that time was concentrated in areas Ngagel Mulyo or rather the band's studio Retri Beauty (death metal band with all the personnel of girls, now RIP - Red) . Members of the organization which is the origin of the formation of underground metal scene in Surabaya was deliberately limited to only about 7-10 bands only.

The first plan was Independent when underground rock concert held at the Youth Park, but this plan failed due to consolidation activity in the scene. After getting clear and begin the development of underground metal scene in Surabaya at the end of December 1997 the organization officially disbanded Independent. This effort by expanding the network to the less-insulated bulkhead or become fragmented communities.

In the final days before the dissolution of the Independent organizations, their division record label had released several albums of the bands death metal / grindcore Surabaya. For example Slowdeath's debut album is titled "From Bye Bye Na Sordid Enthusiasm to Self-Destruction" (September 96), Dry's debut album entitled "Under The Veil of Religion" (97), Brutal Torture "Carnal Abuse", Death "Cemetery of Celerage" until the debut album's Inside Fear
is titled "Mindestruction". Subsequent years before underground metal in Surabaya was flooded by the release of an album-release Growl, Thandus, Holy Terror, Kendath to Pejah.

In place of the Independent and then formed Surabaya Underground Society (SUS) right on New Year's Eve 1997 on the campus of the University of 45, when held event berserk I. At that time in Surabaya also has a lot of emerging new bands with the flow of black metal. One of the old death metal band that is, dry and then move the concept along with the music pouring black metal influence in Surabaya at that time.

Only lasted less than a few months, SUS in the same year hit a split in it. Bands black metal wing and then split to form a new vessel called ARMY OF DARKNESS is a base location in Karang Rejo area. In contrast to the black metal bands death metal then decided not to join to form a new organization. Later in the month of September 1997 event was held at IKIP Amok II Surabaya. This event and then record their own history as the most successful event in Surabaya at that time. 25 bands death metal and black metal look from morning until late afternoon and watched by approximately 800 to 1000 people. Ghosts, black metal band from Bekasi also perform at the event as the band's invitation.

Extreme metal scene in Surabaya at that time dominated by more bands than the bands black metal death metal / grindcore. They are also more intense in the event held a black metal band because of the large amount of black metal bands that appear. Recorded later event successful black metal held in Surabaya like ARMY OF DARKNESS I and II.

Precisely dated June 1, 1997 inferno underground community formed the base 178 is located in the Dharma Husada (Prof. Jl.. DR. Moestopo, Red). In a somewhat similar place to house-shop (commercial) was noted there are several business divisions, distribution, music studios, indie labels, fanzine, cafe and event organizer for underground events in Surabaya. Events ever in the title of the Inferno is 178, among others, STOP THE MADNESS, HIGH VOLTAGE I & II until BLUEKHUTUQ LIVE.

Underground bands rock shelter is now under the banner include 178 Inferno, Slowdeath, The Sinners, Severe Carnage, System Sucks, Freecell, etc. Bluekuthuq. Metal fanzine Inferno 178 home community, Surabaya named POST MANGLED first appeared in the event at that time I HIGH VOLTAGE at the Airlangga University campus appearance bands punk rock and metal. This event was classified as less successful because at the same time also held an event black metal. Unfortunately, this is also followed by cultivation process POST mandegnya Zine MANGLED not visit the latest edition issued today.

Thus, to anticipate the occurrence of stagnansi or gaps in the information scene, was born later HARD LINE Newsletter first published in February 1999. Photocopied newsletter format that has the number of 4-page extensively covered the various activities of underground metal music, punk to HC not only in Surabaya alone but more broadly. Positive responses were much more they come precisely from outside Surabaya city itself. For some reason, they think the public underground rock in Surabaya less appreciative and minimal support for an independent publication of the fanzine or newsletter. Until the end HARD LINE Newsletter has published editions until the 12th.

Division indie label from the inferno at least 178 to about 10 releases album still uses Independent's name as the name of their label. Entering a new year of 2000 and 178 Inferno Productions label producing albums officially the oldest punk band in Surabaya, The Sinners, entitled "Multi-Hatred". Next label
178 Inferno will be more concentrated to release the products of non-metal Uncategorized. As for the special label death metal / brutal death / grindcore Bloody Pigs was formed later by Samir Records (now guitarist TENGKORAK) with a second album titled Slowdeath "Propaganda" as the first project which is also coupled with a single promo concert at Café Flower Slowdeath around September 2000 and which was attended by 150 - an audience. The album had sold out while recording is still in limited numbers only. Sold 200 copies without rest.

Scene Malang

City of cold berhawa taken about three hours drive from Surabaya is proved to have underground rock scene of "hot" since the early 90's decade. Total Tersebutlah name Suffer Community (TSC) is a driving force for the rise of underground rock community in Malang early 1995. Members of this community consists of various inter-scene musician, but his dominance remains
Just metal kids. Underground rock concert that was first held in the city of Malang is also organized by this community. The event titled Underground Music Parade is held at Sasana House Asih YPAC on July 28, 1996 with a display of local bands like carcass Malang (grindcore), Ritual Orchestra (black metal), Dying (death metal), Knuckle Head (punk / hc) , Grindpeace (industrial
death metal), No Man's Land (punk), The Babies (punk) and also bands from Surabaya, Slowdeath (grindcore) and The Sinners (punk).

Several other bands worthy of Malang on the credit given, among others Keramat, perish, Genital Giblets, and of course Santhet Rotten Corpse. The last band is actually a pioneer of brutal death metal style in Indonesia. Their debut album
titled "Maggot Sickness" as it shocking metal scene in Jakarta, Bandung, Yogyakarta and Bali as a solid composition and the recording quality is top notch. Lately the band has split into two and one guitarist and founder, Adyth, migrated to Bandung and form Disinfected. Born in this city for the second time in Indonesian music fanzine. His name is Mindblast zine
published by two scenester, Afril and Samack at the end of 1995. Afril itself is ex-vocalist Grindpeace which now exist in the crust-grind band serious, Extreme Decay. While the pioneering indie label which still survive and remain productive in Malang release is Confused Records

Bali Scene

Speaking underground scene in Bali again we will find the metal community as a forerunner. First mover is the community in the 1921 Bali Denpasar Corpsegrinder. Come to exist in it, among others, Dede Suhita, Putra Pande, Age and Grindcorner Sabdo Moelyo. Dede is a megaton metal magazine editor who published in
Jogjakarta, Putra Pande is a pioneer in metal webzine Indonesia
Corpsegrinder (now Anorexia Orgasm) since 1998, Age is the first distro entrepreneurs in Bali and Moel is a guitarist / vocalist for death metal band ethnic, Eternal Madness active underground concert there. The name is taken from the 1921 actual duration metal music program broadcast weekly on Radio Cassanova, Bali
lasted from 19:00 until 21:00 o'clock PST.

Early 1996 this community of broken and each individual their own ways. Moel with EM Enterprise on October 20, 1996 held the first major underground concert in Bali called Total Uyut in GOR Ngurah Rai, Denpasar. Balinese bands appearing include Eternal Madness, Superman Is Dead, Pokoke, Lithium, Triple Punk, Phobia, Death Chorus Asmodius up. While the outer bands Balinya is Grausig, Betrayer (Jakarta), body, Antichrist, Sacrilegious, Total Riot (Bandung) and Death Vomit (Jogjakarta). The concert was a success suck about 2000 people audience and to present the annual underground rock festival there. Either
Total alumni who now Uyut huge success throughout the archipelago is a punk band from Kuta, Superman Is Dead. They became the first punk band in Indonesia contracted 6 albums by Sony Music Indonesia. Indie bands of today's Bali stands out among them is the Navicula, Postmen, The Brews, Telephone, Blod Shot Eyes
and of course Eternal Madness that was preparing the release of their third album in the near future.

Entering the era of the 2000s indie scene Bali increasingly stretched. SID success inspire Balinese bands other to try harder, yet concrete SID already proved that the band `son 'was able to defeat the ruthless music industry capital. To support the Balinese bands, drummer SID, Jerinx and some of his friends then opened the Maximmum Rock N 'Roll Monarchy (The Max), a music pub in the street Poppies, Kuta. Often a regular rock show was held in this place.

Indie Indonesia 2000s Era

How does the movement of Indonesian independent music scene in 2000's era? The presence of Internet technologies and e-mail clearly a major contribution to the development of this scene. Access to information and open communication that makes the network (networking) among this community more widely in Indonesia. Bands and new communities popping up to offer many styles of music that is more diverse. Trend indie labels vying release local bands are also encouraging, at least this is the effort which is useful documentation of the history of the decades ahead.

What is interesting now is the dominance of the use of idioms `indie 'and not the underground scene to define a non-mainstream music locally. Had occurred klasikmengenai polemics and debate the term `indie or underground 'is in the ground water. Some people view the term `underground 'increasingly biased by the fact became bolder and more underground bands that` sell-out', whether it was contracted major labels, change the style of music for the sake of business or sold the album to sell tens of thousands of copies. While some prefer to use the idiom of indie as more `elastic 'and for example, more friendly to the bands that do not play a style of extreme music. Although impressed more compromise, the term indie was later also increasingly being used by the national media, much
left the orthodox term `underground 'it said.

Amid the debate he called indie / underground, major label or indie label, hundreds of new born band, dozens of noisy indie label released the album in full, thousands distro / clothing shop opened in Indonesia. Infrastructure scene non-mainstream music is also becoming established from day to day. They seemed not to care anymore with the polarization-major indie labels that do not substantially more. Playing music as free as possible while having fun is more a `chief 'today.

...And the history that has not ended...
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Know First President Sukarno of Indonesia

Soekarno (Bung Karno) First President of the Republic of Indonesia, from 1945 to 1966, embraced the ideology of development 'stand on own feet'. Proclamator who was born in Blitar, East Java, June 6, 1901 This boldly mocking the United States and other capitalist countries: "Go to hell with your aid." To hell with your help.

He led the state-state-ra developing (newly independent) together. Leader of the Revolution was also successfully shook lorakan revolutionary spirit of his people, and maintain the integrity of the Republic of Indonesia.

Character art lover has a strong slogans hung high ideals of the star to bring people into the life of prosperous, just and prosperous. Development ideology embraced the man who came from the royal line of Java (His father named Raden Soekemi Sosrodihardjo, Java tribe and his mother was Ida Ayu Nyoman Rai, Bali tribe), this when viewed from the book Pioneers in Development, about embracing the ideology of development tended to be born the economists who did not know the dictionary that the building of a country have to beg to the West. But for them, is unlawful beg for foreign aid. Contact with the rich Western countries, let alone to ask for help, even harm the destitute (poor countries).
For Bung Karno, who as a child named Kusno, it seems to be no sweet tale for poor countries to build the capital and foreign aid. All the stuff conjunct development management and flow of modern technology have been transferred - to the rich and the poor so the West pursue - is just a tool of wealth of the poor suckers who make more retarded.

That's Bung Karno, who managed to inflame the spirit of revolution and led to stand on their own feet for the nation, although not yet managed to bring people in a prosperous life. The concept of "standing on their own feet" have not reached the goal but at least managed to give pride of the nation's existence. Rather than standing on foreign debt and dependence brings proven powerlessness (noekolonialisme).

Bung Karno's childhood was filled with the spirit of independence. Only a few years he lived with his parents in Blitar. During elementary school until graduation, she lived in Surabaya, room and board at home Tjokroaminoto Haji, a seasoned politician Syarikat Islam founder. Then continue on HBS (Hoogere Burger School). While studying at HBS that he had been galvanized nalismenya national soul. After graduating HBS in 1920, he moved to Bandung, and to continue to THS (Technische Hooge-school or High School techniques are now the ITB). He earned the title "Ir" on May 25, 1926.

Then, he formulated and established the doctrine Marhaenisme PNI (Partai Nasional Indonesia) on July 4, 1927, with the aim of an independent Indonesia. As a result, the Netherlands, the colonizer, landed him in jail Sukamiskin, Bandung on December 29, 1929. Eight months later a new trial. In his defense, entitled 'Indonesia Sue', he bravely expose depravity of the Netherlands, a nation that claims it is more advanced.

Defense that made the Dutch more and more angry. So in July 1930, the PNI was dissolved. After the free (1931), Bung Karno join Partindo and at the same time lead. As a result, he re-arrested by the Dutch and exiled to Ende, Flores, in 1933. Four years later moved to Bengkulu.

After a long struggle, Bung Karno and Bung Hatta proclaimed Indonesia's independence on August 17, 1945. Previously, he also succeeded in formulating the Pancasila which later became the basis (ideological) Unitary Republic of Indonesia. He seeks to unite the archipelago. In fact he tried to gather the nations in Asia, Africa, and Latin America with the Asian-African Conference in Bandung in 1955 which later evolved into the Non-Aligned Movement.

Rebellion G.30.S./PKI delivery great political crisis. He did not want to ban the PKI is accused by students and the military of masterminding the atrocities of the general's killers. Increasingly chaotic political atmosphere. So on March 11, 1966 he issued a warrant to Suharto to control the situation, which became known as Supersemar. But, this is the beginning of his kejatuh. Because Suharto used it dismissed PKI Instruction and win the sympathy of politicians and students as well as 'seize' power. Instruction confirmed that the Assembly reject accountability and Sukarno and Suharto picked as Acting President.

Then Bung Karno 'imprisoned' in Wisma Yaso, Jakarta. His health continued to deteriorate. Finally, on Sunday, June 21, 1970 he died at the army hospital. He was buried at Wisma Yaso, Jakarta and was buried in Blitar, East Java, near the tomb of his mother, Ida Ayu Nyoman Rai. His Majesty the Great Leader of the Revolution was leaving 8 children. From Fatmawati have five children namely Guntur, Megawati, Rachmawati, Sukmawati, and Thunder. From Hartini got two kids of Typhoon and Bayu. While from Ratna Sari Dewi, the woman called the original Japanese derivative Naoko Nemoto getting a daughter of Kartika.

Indonesia's first president was known as a great orator, which can be addressed in a very impassioned about the national revolution, neocolonialist-me and imperialism. He also believes in the power of great mass of people power.

"I am nothing without the people. I'm great because of the people, I struggled because of the people and I mouthpiece of the people, "said Bung Karno, in his 'Api Pancasila Digging'. A fairly honest expression of a great orator.

Soekarno-language symptoms is a rare phenomenon that invites admiration many people. Skill to use language with all sorts of style associated with his personality. This is reflected in autobiographies, articles and books containing the history of football terjangnya.

He is a cen-scholar who left his hundreds of essays and several drama scripts that may only ever staged in Ende, Flores. Collection of his writings was published under the title "Diba-wah Flag Revolution", two volumes. The first volume can be said the most interesting and important because it represents itself as Sukarno Sukarno.

From the thick book of about 630 pages that started the first article of the year 1926, entitled "Nationalist-me, Islamism, and Marxism" are the most interesting and perhaps most important as a starting point for understanding the surge of Sukarno in his youth, a 26-year-old boy.

In the midst of greatness, the orator and skilled writer, it always requires the support of others. He could not stand alone and do not like the place closed.

At the end of his reign, he often felt lonely. In his autobiography compiled by Cindy Adams, Bung Karno, the People's mouthpiece, told me. "I did not sleep for six years. I can not sleep good moment. Sometimes, late at night, I called someone close to me like Subandrio, Deputy Prime Minister One and I said, 'Bandrio come to my place, come with me, tell me something strange, tell a joke, tell us about any home not about politics. And if I fall asleep, please forgive .... For the first time in my life I began taking medication to sleep. I'm tired. Too tired. "

In another section stated, "Viewed as a whole then the presidency is like an exile a remote ... Often oranglah mind changing, not the mind ... They helped create this lonely island around you."

Anti Imperialism
On May 17, 1956. Bung Karno had the honor to deliver a speech in front of the United States Congress. As reported by the New York Times (first page) the next day, in a speech that he persistently attacked colonialism.

"The struggle and sacrifices we've made for our liberation from the shackles of colonialism, has lasted from generation to generation for centuries. However, the struggle was still not finished. How this struggle can be said complete if the millions of people in Asia and Africa still under colonial domination, still not able to enjoy freedom? "Cried Sukarno at that.

Remarkably, although the speech was strongly opposed colonialism and imperialism, and quite critical of Western countries, he got a great reception in the United States (U.S.).

The speech showed the consistency of thought and attitudes of Bung Karno antikolonialisme since his youth. Especially in the period 1926-1933, the spirit antikolonialisme and anti-imperialism was already clear dikedepankannya.

Very clear and firm collective memory of the bitterness of colonialism that made the foreign country's rich. However, words and facts are two different things, and not infrequently conflicting.

Sukarno and the initiators of nationalism forced wrestling between "word" and "fact" that it tries to knit political but it was not easy, and not infrequently a stalemate.

Sukarno, who diligently to speak, among other big idea to unite the nationalist, religious and communist (1926) found the same facts at all contradictory, when he tried to be a fact. Similarly, another big idea: Marhaenisme, or marhaenistis nationalism, which mature conceived in 1932. In fact, the idea of Pancasila.

Controversial figure
As someone who has a firm principle, Bung Karno was often considered a controversial figure. So no wonder if he has opponents or friends who dare to openly criticize or defend his views. In the eyes of political opponents in the country, he was considered to represent the abangan political figure who "not Islamic". They even rank as a group leader "secular nationalists".

However, in the eyes of Sheikh Mahmud Syaltut from Cairo, diggers Pancasila is adzima min Qaeda al-quwada dignity harir fii al-balad al-Islam (The leader of the independence movement in Islamic countries). In fact, Guided Democracy, which in the domestic debate, it was praised by Al-Azhar sheikh as, "in yakun ila al shara shuratu min syuraa 'allatiy ja'alha Qur'an sya'ana min al-mu syu'un 'minin' (no other picture is just one of the deliberation that made by the Holy Quran as the basis for the believer).

When mounting tensions between Israel and Arab countries about the status of Palestine at that time, the Arab press welcomes sensational Bung Karno, "Champion for Arab interests has come". Likewise, the Holy See gives three awards title to the president of the Republic of the Muslim majority.

Indeed, Bung Karno's defense against the oppressed is not only for his country but also other countries. That is why he was revered by the Arabs out of Israel was to attack at that time. Bung Karno was regarded as the leader of the Muslims. In fact, in his own country he is often seen more as the abangan than the students.

Actually, how religiuskah Bung Karno? Was not he also in formulating the precepts of Pancasila conception Belief in God Almighty? Sila which shows that the Indonesian people is a religious nation. Indonesia was the nation's diverse peoples and recognizes five religions. How could summarize the five religious vision in one of the basic sentence if the sentence-makers do not understand the context of religious life in Indonesia is true?

In this case eloquently quoted the opinion of Clifford Geertz's Islam Observed (1982): "Style is a style of religious Sukarno Sukarno himself." How not? To Louise Fischer, Bung Karno had confessed that he was once Muslim, Christian, and Hindu. In the eyes of observers such as Geertz, such recognition is considered as "expansive style as if to embrace the whole world". On the contrary, such expressions, in the opinion of BJ Boland, The Struggle of Islam in Modern Indonesia (1982) - "just a manifestation of the religious feelings of the majority of the people of Indonesia, especially Java". For the Eastern spiritual appreciation, saying that it "is the courage to give voice to the thoughts that might be accused of formalism as heretical clerics".

Political System
Sukarno has a view of the political system they support is the most "fit" with "personality" and "culture" typical of the Indonesian people who supposedly importance of cooperation, mutual assistance and harmony. In rhetoric, he condemned the "individualism" that he said was born of Western liberalism. Individualism that gave birth to selfishness, and is mainly represented by antarpartai battle.

Then he popped the Guided Democracy. In Sukarno's politics of mass mobilization of political importance, he was sympathetic to the movements of anti-imperialism, and perhaps as a consequence, the acceptance of the Indonesian Communist Party (PKI) as a legitimate political actor, supporting the conception of democracy. So he launched a political system that is inherently anti-liberal and suspicious of political pluralism. He was concerned with "unity" for "revolution".

In the 1950s, Indonesia was marked by political instability caused by a system of parliamentary democracy. This system is very liberal, and dominated by the political parties who control parliament. 1955-election which was won four major powers, Masyumi, Indonesian National Party (PNI), Nahdlatul Ulama (NU) and the CPI-are still considered the most free elections and clean throughout history have done Indonesia. However, on the other side of the system of party-controlled parliament is often downs cabinet led by prime minister. Moreover, history also notes that the national integrity is threatened constantly by various separatist movements, the AT / IT, PRRI / Permesta, and so on.

This fact is made even more suspicious of Sukarno political party because he thinks Masyumi, and also the PSI, was involved in several regional rebellions.
Then, Sukarno decreed a return to Indonesia in 1945 due to the failure of the Constituent Assembly to decide a new constitution for Indonesia, due to a protracted debate, especially between the secular nationalist forces and the Islamic powers of the state primary. ► e-ti/crs, from various sources

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Six (6) Step Securing Network & Computer Systems From Hacker Attacks

In general there are six (6) big step that may be used to secure the network & computer systems from hacker attacks. The steps are:

1. Making the Security Steering Committee.
2. Collecting Information
3. Calculating Risk
4. Creating Solutions
5. Implementation & Education / Education.
6. Analyzing Continuous, and Meresponds.

Step 1: Create a Security Steering Committee.

Steering committee is very important to set up a network security policy to be accepted by all parties. So no one is forced, feeling tortured, his access was restricted in operating in their Intranet network. With the included representatives from all fields / section, then the input from below can be expected to be signed & accepted by everyone.

With this steering committee, will allow interaction between the engineering / network administrators, users & managers. Can be searched so that the optimal policy that can be easily implemented technically.

Step 2: Collect Information

Before a network security policy implementation, it is better to complete the audit process carried out. Not only audit the network equipment & components, but also business processes, operating procedures, security awareness, asset. Of course, the audit process should be from the most high risk that the Internet; continue on the home user & VPN connection. Apart from the external audit, conducted an audit is a good idea from the internet such as HRD, etc..

Step 3: Calculating Risk

Risk in a simple formula can be described as:

Risk = Asset Value * Vurnerability * Likelihood of exploits

Value of assets including the value of money, because the system costs down, losing confidence in partners / customers. Including loss of data Vurnerability total / part, system downtime, damage / corruption of data.

By taking the results of the audit steps before, we need to ask:

• Is there a security policy is now sufficient to provide protection?
• Is an external audit work to validate the reliability of the existing security policy?
• Is there an audit process to detect weaknesses & not stated in the security policy?
• Is the security level, equivalent to the level of risk?
• What assets / information that has the highest risk?

By answering the above questions is a starting point for evaluating the completeness of the information policy we have. By evaluating the answers to the above, we can focus on solutions to its global macro & first caught on the solution without micro & individuals.

Step 4: Create Solution

On this day there are enough that its solution can be found plug'n'play in the market. Unfortunately, no single program / solution that works for all kinds of problems. Because we are intelligent we must choose from a variety of existing solutions for various security needs. Some of them, we know:

• Firewall.
• Network Intrusion Detection System (IDS).
• Host-based Intrusion Detection System (H-IDS).
• Application-based Intrusion Detection System (App-IDS).
• Anti-Virus Software.
• Virtual Private Network (VPN).
• Two Factor Authentication.
• Biometric.
• Smart cards.
• Server Auditing.
• Application Auditing.
• Etc. - there are still some more that are not included in the above categories.

Step 5: Implementation & Education / Education.

After all the support it gained in the implementation process can be done. The installation process will depend on the level of difficulty that must be faced. One thing you have in mind in all of the implementation process is a process of education / education should not be forgotten. This educational process must contain:

• Details of systems / new security procedures.
• Effek of the new security procedures for asset / company data.
• Explanation of procedures & how to meet the goals of the new security policy.

Participants must explain not only how / what security procedures are made, but also must explain why these security procedures will be undertaken.

Step 6: Analyzing Continuous, and Meresponds.

Evolving system, therefore the analysis of the procedures developed should always be done. Always in front, do not miss the train
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Vladimir Lenin

Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov Lenin was a political leader most responsible for the establishment of Communism in Russia. As adherents of Karl Marx are persistent and loyal, Lenin laid the political foundation that can only be imagined by Karl Marx one. Once the rapid spread of Communism Lenin all over the world, he should be recognized as one of the most influential in human history.

Born in Simbirsk (now changed so Ulyanovsk in his honor) in 1870. His father was a civil servant who obeyed but his brother Alexander was a radical who was sentenced to death for taking part in a plot to kill the Tsar. At the age of twenty-three Lenin had become a Marxist who was ablaze. Month of December 1895 he was arrested by the Tsarist government for his revolutionary activities and thrown into prison for fourteen months. After that he was exiled to Siberia.

During the three years in Siberia (which apparently does not digubrisnya as torture), he married a woman who was also berfaham revolutionary and write a book Growth of Capitalism in Russia. Period of exile in Siberia ended in February 1900 and several months later Lenin to travel to Western Europe. No less than seventeen years he traveled, became a master of revolutionary. When the Labor Party Russian Social-Democratic members of which Lenin was broken into two parts, so the leadership of Lenin larger fragments, the Bolsheviks.

World War I opened a big opportunity for Lenin. The war was disastrous military and for the Russian economy and consequently to increase the people's dissatisfaction with the Tsar's government system. Tsar's government was finally overthrown in March of 1917 and for a time seemed to Russia led by a democratic government. Upon hearing the fall of the Tsar, Lenin hurry back to. Russia and his native country when he gets in he will quickly see and concluded that the democratic parties - despite the provisional government set up - do not have enough strength and power is very good condition Communist party made a strong discipline to handle the situation under control even if its members a bit. Because it encourages the Bolsheviks Lenin jumped forward mengguhngkan interim government and replace it with a Communist government. Experiment rebellion in July did not work and forced Lenin to hide. The second experiment in November 1917 successfully and Lenin became head of the new state.

As head of government, Lenin's hard but on the other hand he's very pragmatic. At first he add the pressure of uncompromising short transition period towards full economic society based on socialism. When this is not the way, Lenin gracefully back and took the mixed economic system of capitalist-socialist. This walk in the Soviet Union for several years.

In May 1922 Lenin was ill, so the attack was sick until the death of Lenin in 1924 practically can not do anything. Once dead, his body was embalmed and carefully maintained, laid in mausoleum in Red Square today.

Important feature of Lenin is that he's a fast acting, so he was the one who established Communist rule in Russia. He embraced the teachings of Karl Marx and translate it in the form of practical political action is real. Since the month of November 1917 has been the expansion of Communist power throughout the world. Now, about a third of the world's population adopted schools of Communist.

Despite the importance of Lenin lies in a practical political leader, Lenin also support the influence through his writings. Lenin's thoughts are not contrary to Marx, but there are changes in pressure. Lenin was too fascinated by the tactics of the revolution, and he felt no special advantage in this business. He constantly emphasized the need for the use of violence: "No problems whatsoever in relation class struggle can be resolved without violence," is a typical expression. Marx only need to associate the dictatorship of the proletariat and again, but Lenin was too tempted by it. For example saying: "Dictatorship of the proletariat none other than the power not based on violence infinite, both the legal limits and the limits of absolute rule."

Lenin's ideas about the real dictatorship is more political than economic importance. Terpokok characteristics of Soviet rule in politics is not economic (socialist governments in many countries) but more basic feature lies in the techniques for maintaining political power indefinitely. Calculated from the time of Lenin lived, not a single Communist government anywhere in the world - once stood with kokohnya - can be deposed. With the careful supervision of all institutions of power in the country - mass media, banks, churches, trade unions and others - the Communist government seems to have undermined the possibilities of overthrowing the government. There could be weak spots in its power, but no one could find it.

Communism certainly clear bin is great movement which has historical significance. It's not really clear who could be considered the most influential in this movement, Marx or Lenin. I think Marx pentirig have more meaning because he preceded and influenced Lenin. But still denying this assumption because of practical political ability of Lenin is a very complicated factor in establishing Communism in Russia. Without the role of Lenin, the Communists seemed to be waiting for years to have the opportunity to take power and will face a more organized resistance. Therefore, it is not impossible not to succeed. In terms of establishing the significance of Lenin, one should not forget how short the days of holding. Also, the establishment of the dictatorship of the proletariat in the Soviet Union a greater blessing than his successor of Lenin, Stalin harder.

Throughout his life Lenin was a hard worker and diligent. He was a very famous and the number of books he wrote no fewer than 55 volumes. He dedicated his whole life for the purposes of the revolution, and although he loved his family, he did not want his work disturbed. Ironically, let him spend all his age in the experiment to eliminate oppression, achievements of the struggle is the destruction of all aspects of personal freedom.

Hundred Most Influential People in History
Michael H. Hart, 1978
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Marxism and Revisionism

There is a famous saying that if geometrical axioms influenced the efforts of human interests would he be eliminated. Theories about natural history as opposed to the old theological prejudice encouraged, and still pushing the most radical opposition. Therefore, it's no wonder that the Marxian doctrine, which directly serve the organization of enlightenment and advanced classes in modern society,
indicating the tasks faced by this class and demonstrate that certain changes (thanks to economic growth) of the current system by a new order - no wonder that this doctrine must be hostile in every step forward in the journey of his life.

Not to mention, this applies to bourgeois science and philosophy, was officially taught by professors to confuse generations that grew from the haves and the class to "train" them against the enemies within and abroad. This science will never hear about Marxism, stating that it has been challenged and destroyed. Marx attacked with enthusiasm by young scholars who build a career by opposing socialism, and by the people who serve the foolish old traditions of all kinds of "system" is outdated. Progress of Marxism, the fact that his ideas spread and taken hold among working-class strength, increased frequency and intensity with certainty from the attacks of the bourgeoisie is to Marxism, which became increasingly stronger, harder and more dangerous every time "destroyed" by the science - formal science.

But even among the doctrines associated with the working class struggle, and now it is widespread in the proletariat, Marxism without a certain way has consolidated its position once again. In the first half century of its existence (the 1840s), Marxism was involved in the battle against theories that are fundamentally hostile to it. In early '40 the Marx and Engels face to face with the radical Young Hegelians who filled his perspective filsafatis idealism. At the end of '40, the struggle began in the economic doctrines, against Proudhonism. '50s Years, seen the completeness of this struggle in the criticism of parties and doctrines which manifested themselves in difficult circumstances in 1848. In the '60s, the struggle shifted from the general theories to issues directly related to the labor movement: the rejection of the International Bakuninisme. In the early '70s, the stage in Germany was occupied temporarily by Proudhonis Muhlberger, and in the late '70s by the positivist Dühring. But the influence of the proletariat was no longer important. Marxism always obtain victory unnecessary question to all other ideologies in the labor movement.

Of the 90's, this victory has been entirely resolved. Even in Latin countries, where the traditions of the old Proudhonism entrenched than in most other places, labor parties develop programs and their tactics on Marxist foundations. Resurrection of international organizations of the labor movement - in the form of periodic international congresses - from the beginning, and almost entirely without a struggle, adopted the Marxist stand point in terms of essentials. But after Marxism has rejected all doctrines more or less hostile integral, flow - the flow of diekpresikan in these doctrines began looking for other channels. The forms and causes of the struggle changed, but the struggle goes on. And mid-second century of the existence of Marxism began (in the 90's) with the resistance against the enemies of Marxism within Marxism itself.

Bernstein, who once lived in his time as an orthodox Marxist, became a figure on the trend that emerged in public and very conscious, he corrected Marx, revise Marx, revisionism. Even in Russia, where - people who have the economic backwardness and the majority of the population consists of farmers burdened by the remnants of slavery - a non-Marxist socialism has naturally been so long, has clearly passed into revisionism before you know it. Both the question of agriculture (municipalisasi programs all land) and in general questions about the program and tactics, my friends-Narodnik Social highly and very often bergonta change "correction" to the legacy of Marx for the dead and dark on the old system them, which in its own way has been integrated and fundamentally hostile to Marxism.

Pre-Marxist socialism has fallen. He still continued resistance, no longer on the basis of independent again, but on the basis of Marxism, such as revisionism. Let us, examine the contents of ideological revisionism.

In the circle of revisionism that followed the philosophy of education resurrection "scientific" bourgeois thinkers "back to Kant" - and revisionism dragged along the neo-Kantian. Thinkers were returned repeated truisme pastors who have raised hundreds of times against the philosophy of materialism - and the revisionists, smiling casually, grumbling (word-for-word from Handbuch current thinking) that materialism has "rejected" a long time. Thinkers were treating Hegel as a "dead dog", while their own laud idealism, an idealism which is only a hundred times more terrible and worse than the idealism of Hegel, shrugged arrogantly in dialectics - and the revisionists have failed and sunk into the mud kevulgaran philosophy of science, which replaces dialectics "has the value of art" (and the revolutionary nature) with the "evolution" is a simple (and cool-calm). Thinkers were spent to adjust the official salary between idealism and their critical systems to the dominant medieval philosophy (eg on theology) - and the revisionists themselves closer, trying to build a religion of "personal interests", rather than in relation to the modern state, but in relationship with the party in the advanced classes.

What it really means "corrections" to Marx in an unnecessary terms stated: it has become evidence. We can easily apply records of the Marxists in the movement of international Social-Democratic Party to criticize the powerful revisionist truisme from the point of standing on the consistency of dialectical materialism, ie, Plekhanov. It should be emphasized all the more emphatic since the errors are measures that no fundamental contemporary made to smuggle waste shrouded old and reactionary philosophy as a criticism of Plekhanov's tactical opportunism. [1]

Looking at the political economy, it must be noted first that in the layer "corrections" revisionists are more comprehensive and seeing his surroundings;-power effort is made to influence the public with the "new data on economic development". It is said that concentration and rejection of small-scale production by large-scale production did not occur in agriculture, while they do it very slowly in the field of trade and industry. It is said that the crises are now very rare and weak, and that the cartels and trusts allow capital can destroy them completely. It is said that "destruction theory" which was voiced facing capitalism, referring to the flow of class antagonism that becomes soft and less acute. Finally, it is said also that it was not a mistake to correct the value of Marx's theory, in agreement with Bohm-Bawerk.

Resistance with the revisionists on these questions bear fruit rise of theoretical thinking on international socialism as well as the revision controversy Engels Dühring 20 years earlier. The arguments of the revisionists were analyzed with the help of facts which proved that the revisionists were systematically paint modern small-scale production with a picture-red roses. Technical and commercial superiority of large-scale production of small-scale production not only happens in the industry, but also in agriculture. This fact can not be disputed. But commodity production is less developed in agriculture, and economics and the modern statistician, according to the rules, not skilled in drawing the special branch (sometimes happens on operations) in the agricultural sector shows that agriculture is progressively drawn into the process of economic exchange world. Small-scale production to maintain himself on the remnants of natural economy by eating more serious, with chronic hunger, with increasingly long working hours, with a reduction in the quality and number of livestock, in other words, with a number of methods of handicraft production which defended itself against manufacturing capitalists. Every advance in science and technology and eventually severely weaken the foundations of small-scale production in capitalist society, and this is the task of socialist political economy to investigate this process in all its forms, is often complicated and full of intrigue, and to demonstrate to small-scale producers can continue to survive in Under capitalism, there is no hope for peasant farming under capitalism, and the importance of farmers to adopt the point standing of the proletariat. On this question, the revisionists have sinned, in point of scientific fields, with the generalizations made-up based on the facts selected unilaterally and without reference to the whole system of capitalism. From a political standpoint, they sinned by the fact that they will eventually, if they want it or not, invited or forced farmers to adopt the behavior of small landowners (such as for example, the behavior of the bourgeoisie) rather than forcing them to adopt the point of view proletarian revolutionary.

Revisionism position worsened as the crisis in terms of theory or the theory of destruction. Only in a very short time get someone, and they are only the most narrow-minded, think for refashioning the foundation of Marx's theory under the influence of industrial boom and prosperity in recent years. Reality will then be more obvious to the revisionists that the crisis is not something that existed in the past: prosperity followed by a crisis. The forms, flow, a description of specific crisis has changed, but the crisis remains final component of the capitalist system. While the production together, cartels and trusts at the same time, and with a clearly visible way, aggravate the anarchy of production, insecurity of existence of the proletariat and the cruelty of capital, thereby increasing class antagonisms to an extraordinary level. That capitalism would eventually fall - whether the individual political and economic crises and the total destruction of the entire capitalist system - has been made clear in particular, and on a large-scale trust, precisely by the new giant trusts. Recent financial crisis in America and the frightening increase in unemployment ayng across Europe, did not say anything about an approaching industrial crisis from a number of symptoms that can be appointed - all this makes "theories" the latest from the revisionists have been forgotten by all people, including, apparently so, by many of their own circles. But the lessons of the instability of the intellectual mengenaik had removed it so that the working class should not be forgotten.

As in the theory of value, needs to be said that apart from the darkness guidance and grumbling, a la Bohm-Bawerk, the revisionists did not contribute to the absolute, and therefore leaves no trace on the development of scientific thought.

In the political layer, revisionism really tried to revise the foundations of Marxism, which is commonly called, the doctrine of class struggle. Freedom in politics, democracy and elections removed from the bottom of the class struggle - as we were told - and to borrow an old proposition of the Communist Manifesto that's not true that the workers do not need the state. They say, since "the will of the majority" fails in a democracy, people should no longer regard the state as an organ master class, was also rejected an alliance with the bourgeoisie progressive, reformist socialists against the reactionaries.

Inevitable that the arguments of the revisionists is loaded by the view that a fair balance system, the so-called, liberal bourgeois view of the old and famous. The liberals always say that bourgeois parliamentarism has damaged the class and class divisions, since the right to vote and the right to participate in the government of a country is distributed to all citizens without distinction. The whole history of Europe in the second half of the 19th century, and the whole history of the Russian revolution in the early 18th century, clearly shows such a view was absurd. Economic differences are not moderated but enhanced and intensified under the freedom of capitalism "democratic". Parliamentarism is not removed, but remained as an inherent character even in the republic's most democratic bourgeois as an organ of class oppression. By helping to enlighten and organize the broad masses to more intangible than those who previously took an active part in political events, parliamentarism is not made for the elimination of crises and political revolutions, but for the maximum intensification of civil war during the revolution. The events in Paris in the spring of 1871 and the events in Russia in the winter of 1905 shows clearly how this intensification finally appeared. French bourgeoisie without babibu make a treaty with the enemy of the whole nation, with foreign soldiers who had destroyed his country, to destroy the proletarian movement. Who would not be able to understand the dialectic of the bourgeois parliamentarism and democracy in the end - which led to a firm decision from the arguments of mass violence than ever before - will never be able to understand the basis of parliamentarism is to agitate and the propaganda that is consistent in principle, actually prepare the mass of the working class to participate in the victory "arguments" are. Aliasi alliance experience, approvals, and block the liberal social reformers in the West and by liberal reformers (cadets) in the Russian revolution, has convincingly shown that this agreement only blunt the mass consciousness, that they could increase but only weaken the actual significance of their struggle, by linking between bully-bully with elements of the least able to fight and the most problematic and unreliable. Millerandisme in France - the biggest experiences in applying the real revisionist political tactics in the national scale, wide - has become a practical assessment of the revisionism that will never be forgotten by the proletariat in the whole world.

A natural complement to the economic and political tendencies of revisionism is his attitude toward the ultimate goal of socialist movements. "The main Gerakanlah, the ultimate goal is nothing", this phrase describes the substance of Bernstein's revisionism well, even better than statements long. To distinguish his actions from a case by case, to adapt to daily events and to clutter and political change in a small way, to forget the main interests of the proletariat and the basic figures of the entire capitalist system, of all capitalist evolution, to sacrifice The main interests for the advantage of this momentum real or assumed - like policy revisionism. And he was followed by patents from a very natural policy is that we can assume a variety of forms of the infinite, and each question more or less "new", every event is more or less expected, and surprisingly, he even changed the basic line of development is only to an insignificant level and only for very short periods, in the end is always a reason to bring one of the many varieties of revisionism.

Revisionism is determined by the root class in modern society. Revisionism is an international phenomenon. One of the most ignorant socialists would not be any doubt about the relationship between the Orthodox and Bernsteinian in Germany, Guesdis and Jauresis (and now specifically Broussis) in France, the Social Democratic Federation and the Independent Labor Party in Great Britain, Brouckere and Vandervelde in Belgium, Integralis and the Reformer in Italy, the Bolsheviks and the Mensheviks in Russia, where it is essentially similar, irrespective of the diverse variety of national conditions and historical factors in these countries today. In fact, the "divisions" within the international socialist movement today continues along the same line in all countries in the world, which show a tremendous improvement compared to the situation 30 or 40 years ago, when heterogeneous trends in the various warring states in the an international socialist movement. And that "revisionism of the left" who formed the Latin countries as "revolutionary syndicalism", also adapted in Marxism, "correct": Labriola in Italy and in France Lagardelle often quoting Marx misunderstood character with the right understanding .

We can not stop here to analyze the ideological content of this revisionism, which so far from what has been expanded to the same limits as the revisionism of opportunists: he was not yet an international character, has not been tested on a large practical war in a single socialist party in any country. Therefore, we restrict ourselves from the 'revisionism from the right "as described above.

So where ketidakterhindarannya in capitalist society? Why is it more fertile than the difference between the national particularities and levels of development of capitalism? Because in every capitalist country, parallel with the proletariat, always there is a broad layer of the petty bourgeoisie. Capitalism has been and always arises from a small production. A number of "middle tier" of new arising repeatedly from capitalism (corporate supporter of big factories, workers at home, small workshops scattered widely across the country to meet the needs of large industries, such as bicycle and automobile industries, etc..). Small producers can not avoid it out into the proletariat. No wonder that the petty-bourgeois outlook always arise in the labor parties open. It is not surprising that this always happens and will always happen, until fate changes that will arise in the proletarian revolution. Is a serious mistake if there is thought that proletarianization "fully" absolute majority necessary to cause such a revolution. Now we often experience in the sphere of ideology alone, the theoretical disputes about the repair of Marx, which now only occurs on individual issues in the labor movement, as a tactical differences with the revisionists and divisions at this level - will be experienced by the working class in a levels much higher when the proletarian revolution will sharpen all the disputed issues, will focus all the difference in points is important in determining the mass actions, and makes the important things in the heat of the conflict to distinguish enemy from friend, and to remove ally - ally poor to be able to give a decisive blow to the opponent.

Yes, this ideological struggle by revolutionary Marxism against revisionism at the end of the 19th century, but it is a beginning of a great revolutionary battles of the proletariat, who advanced to the absolute victory of the cause in addition to all keloyoan and weaknesses of the petty bourgeoisie.

From the Collected Works, Volume 15, 1908
Was first published in a symposium on Karl Marx - 1818-1883, 1908
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