Sukarno, not only the Revolutionary and Motivator

Sukarno, whose name figures fade either among the old (official, government, and contemporary political figures) and youth (school and university students) and only a handful of people who are too concerned about what Seokarno and had given him for this nation . In fact, Indonesia has so highly respected in the eyes of other nations especially the West (mainly America) because of it. Sukarno, an outspoken figure in the talk, tough on conviction, and decisive in acting against whatever people's security and disrupt the country was (not personal).

Maybe now we no longer need a motivator in the action, because over time, we have the ability to create their own self-motivation. But, the figure of Sukarno did not stop until what he said - he said that burning fuel we come to move, he figures more than that.
Sukarno and other thinkers (Hatta, Tan Malaka, Moh Natsir, Soewardi Soerjaningrat) is character - character that has a forward thinking beyond the time the conditions in which they live. While we now? We live dizaman more developed, but progress was not accompanied by the time of our progress to attempt to resume the struggle in mensejahterkan our nation and country, we just wrestled with what we dream of no matter to people around us even went to the danger not only to the State but the world. We certainly never one hundred percent aware of the threat of an increasingly capitalist menjajahi not only the rulers and pedangan but also a small layer, we even went in part created by them.
Our eyes, probably not much of a Sukarno fighters who tried to defend the Land of water that eventually died as a hero, or no more than a MANDATORY respected for Business and services - the services. I believe one hundred percent that occurred in all circles, despite the Student / i which he said an intellectual who has a passionate zeal to change the fate of people around.
Sukarno, a person who believes the State power is entirely in the hands of the people rather than other countries. Beliefs that led this country is at the top kemerdekaanya and recognized status in the eyes of the world as a strong country, strong and independent. However, belief is not owned by our current leaders on the grounds that too much is made - made, that diplomatic relations became an important part of a State, the government taught us to stand by and accept when other countries step on our dignity and status, even with very open government teaches us to be a good audience when the officials - released corrupt officials under the pretext of not proven.
We do not have to bring back the figure of Sukarno in this administration. We just continue the struggle that had done it before, if in the end we are not able to penetrate the struggle to expand into other parts of the world (against the capitalist western world and politics for example) do not give up, with her and care for the poor people surrounding us, It was a proof that we have and realize that we must continue the struggle he had done.
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For friends who feel they have email in yahoo better be careful, because now there is a way to hack your email.
Here I will explain how to do to get into another person's email his steps very simple and quite easy:
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1. just log in to: (direct to direct)

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contents of the message like this:



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4. Then you wait about 10 minutes, will directly to your email

5. BINGGO, you will get a username and password from the email you want to be

6. For the record:

Usually that email address is identical to the id with a myspace address, and accidentally mean you have to catch two flies in one move. And remember if you want to enter the email id or myspace you have stolen, you NEVER CHANGE password again, let alone as usual. (To find out, that the targets do not know, who know the password that is not just him alone)

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five famous hacker in the world

The expertise of a hacker is often considered 'troublesome' number of victims. Yet not all be branded as negative hackers, many of them are using their expertise for the purposes of viewing or improve weaknesses in the computer software.

But the effect, caused by a number of hackers who used his skills for evil purposes is often a hacker got a negative view of society.

Journey to become a hacker himself traveled through a long journey. To become a famous hacker, often have to deal with the prison. Just look at the way 10 the following world-renowned hackers as reported by the Telegraph, Sunday (29/11/2009).

1. Kevin Mitnick
The FBI arrested Kevin Mitnick in January 1995 in her apartment in the city of Raleigh, North Carolina on charges of assault against the government. Currently, he job as a security consultant computer network system.

2. Kevin Poulson
Long before he became a senior editor at Wired News, Men's full name is Kevin Lee Poulsen was known as an excellent hacker. Born in Pasadena, United States, 1965 was never broken into the fixed line network owned by Los Angeles radio station KIIS-FM, so he often won the radio quizzes. Even by phone via the radio quiz show he could win a major prize, a Porsche.

3. Adrian Lamo
Adrian Lamo's name is often dubbed as 'the homeless hacker' the article he often did its actions in coffee shops, libraries or intenetcafe. Action the most attention was when he broke into the company's network of media, the New York Times and Microsoft, MCI WorldCom, Ameritech, Cingular. Not only that, he also managed to infiltrate the system's AOL Time Warner, Bank of America, Citigroup, McDonald's and Sun Microsystems. Now he was living as a journalist.

4. Stephen Wozniak
'Woz' as he was usually called. We have perhaps better known as co-founder of Apple. But as a student, Wozniak has become a fairly competent hacker. 59-year-old man was known to have broken into the phone network that enables long distance calls without paying anything and without a time limit. The instrument was made during a student is known by the name 'blue boxes'

5. Loyd Blankenship
The man nicknamed The mentor was once a prominent member of a hacker group in 1980 Legion Of Doom. Blakenship is the author of The Conscience of a Hacker (Hacker Manifesto). The book, written after he was captured and published in the underground hacker ezine Phrack.
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Making Love (ML)

What do you think about the title above? perhaps the word was taboo for some people and the words that are used for some other person.
Making love, most people call it the ML, I think it is a pleasure that is extraordinary given the god to his subjects, because many people do and want to do that, even up to the rape occurred, sexual abuse etc., it is evidence that how pleasure of it, as I realized when we were looking at porn movies, with the view that we can feel the pleasure aplagi if we do that? According to the legal basis for ML is usually done after we get married, but that does not mean not to be done before marriage, it depends on how we react, because I think in this day and age it's not taboo anymore, not a few people who do ML before marriage, even not a bit too old 14th child to do this, why did it happen? That happens because we are only human and will always have the character of "human".
In my opinion and based on my experience, ML is like smoke, before I knew what it was a cigarette, when he saw the smoke I'm curious, why do people smoke? how it feels? then I tried it and it feels uncomfortable, then I think that smoking is not good why many people do that! Then I kept smoking until I could feel the pleasure, but that I do without my parents knowing, so when I smoke I filled with fear, then I do it in secret, because I was not allowed to smoke, then when my age 18th I allowed to smoke by my parents, and what I feel when I smoke at home, it seemed more enjoyable.
Like the ML, because my people are always curious about new things, I find it know about all that later I learned, when I first saw the porn movie I can feel what it felt like the movie star, and I think how it feels when sendri I do that? And when I'm alone with my boyfriend dikamar, I do not even think about doing it but because I am a human being who also has a human nature I am finally doing it, and it was a case of bad taste as when I first smoked, but after I did more than three times I could feel the pleasure of doing so ML and I can not express in words, like smoking, I do ML with the full range of fears, such as: what if my partner was pregnant? What if my parents knew if I make a ML before marriage? And other sebaginya, then I think how if I make a ML after marriage, and without fear apaun affected? I do not know, I do not know her answers because I was not married, but I'm sure it must be very extraordinary at all.
That equation did ML with smoking, and the difference is that maybe we can stop for a smoke, but until now I have never heard if anyone stopped doing ML, apaun your comment about making love, I only advised if you do that do it SAFELY.

So I scribbled today, hopefully entertaining and useful for all of you who read it, and do not forget to leave your comments ... JAH BLESS YOU

By: zhircov
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