five famous hacker in the world

The expertise of a hacker is often considered 'troublesome' number of victims. Yet not all be branded as negative hackers, many of them are using their expertise for the purposes of viewing or improve weaknesses in the computer software.

But the effect, caused by a number of hackers who used his skills for evil purposes is often a hacker got a negative view of society.

Journey to become a hacker himself traveled through a long journey. To become a famous hacker, often have to deal with the prison. Just look at the way 10 the following world-renowned hackers as reported by the Telegraph, Sunday (29/11/2009).

1. Kevin Mitnick

The FBI arrested Kevin Mitnick in January 1995 in her apartment in the city of Raleigh, North Carolina on charges of assault against the government. Currently, he job as a security consultant computer network system.

2. Kevin Poulson
Long before he became a senior editor at Wired News, Men's full name is Kevin Lee Poulsen was known as an excellent hacker. Born in Pasadena, United States, 1965 was never broken into the fixed line network owned by Los Angeles radio station KIIS-FM, so he often won the radio quizzes. Even by phone via the radio quiz show he could win a major prize, a Porsche.

3. Adrian Lamo
Adrian Lamo's name is often dubbed as 'the homeless hacker' the article he often did its actions in coffee shops, libraries or intenetcafe. Action the most attention was when he broke into the company's network of media, the New York Times and Microsoft, MCI WorldCom, Ameritech, Cingular. Not only that, he also managed to infiltrate the system's AOL Time Warner, Bank of America, Citigroup, McDonald's and Sun Microsystems. Now he was living as a journalist.

4. Stephen Wozniak
'Woz' as he was usually called. We have perhaps better known as co-founder of Apple. But as a student, Wozniak has become a fairly competent hacker. 59-year-old man was known to have broken into the phone network that enables long distance calls without paying anything and without a time limit. The instrument was made during a student is known by the name 'blue boxes'

5. Loyd Blankenship
The man nicknamed The mentor was once a prominent member of a hacker group in 1980 Legion Of Doom. Blakenship is the author of The Conscience of a Hacker (Hacker Manifesto). The book, written after he was captured and published in the underground hacker ezine Phrack.

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