Making Love (ML)

What do you think about the title above? perhaps the word was taboo for some people and the words that are used for some other person.
Making love, most people call it the ML, I think it is a pleasure that is extraordinary given the god to his subjects, because many people do and want to do that, even up to the rape occurred, sexual abuse etc., it is evidence that how pleasure of it, as I realized when we were looking at porn movies, with the view that we can feel the pleasure aplagi if we do that? According to the legal basis for ML is usually done after we get married, but that does not mean not to be done before marriage, it depends on how we react, because I think in this day and age it's not taboo anymore, not a few people who do ML before marriage, even not a bit too old 14th child to do this, why did it happen? That happens because we are only human and will always have the character of "human".
In my opinion and based on my experience, ML is like smoke, before I knew what it was a cigarette, when he saw the smoke I'm curious, why do people smoke? how it feels? then I tried it and it feels uncomfortable, then I think that smoking is not good why many people do that! Then I kept smoking until I could feel the pleasure, but that I do without my parents knowing, so when I smoke I filled with fear, then I do it in secret, because I was not allowed to smoke, then when my age 18th I allowed to smoke by my parents, and what I feel when I smoke at home, it seemed more enjoyable.
Like the ML, because my people are always curious about new things, I find it know about all that later I learned, when I first saw the porn movie I can feel what it felt like the movie star, and I think how it feels when sendri I do that? And when I'm alone with my boyfriend dikamar, I do not even think about doing it but because I am a human being who also has a human nature I am finally doing it, and it was a case of bad taste as when I first smoked, but after I did more than three times I could feel the pleasure of doing so ML and I can not express in words, like smoking, I do ML with the full range of fears, such as: what if my partner was pregnant? What if my parents knew if I make a ML before marriage? And other sebaginya, then I think how if I make a ML after marriage, and without fear apaun affected? I do not know, I do not know her answers because I was not married, but I'm sure it must be very extraordinary at all.
That equation did ML with smoking, and the difference is that maybe we can stop for a smoke, but until now I have never heard if anyone stopped doing ML, apaun your comment about making love, I only advised if you do that do it SAFELY.

So I scribbled today, hopefully entertaining and useful for all of you who read it, and do not forget to leave your comments ... JAH BLESS YOU

By: zhircov

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