Vladimir Lenin

Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov Lenin was a political leader most responsible for the establishment of Communism in Russia. As adherents of Karl Marx are persistent and loyal, Lenin laid the political foundation that can only be imagined by Karl Marx one. Once the rapid spread of Communism Lenin all over the world, he should be recognized as one of the most influential in human history.

Born in Simbirsk (now changed so Ulyanovsk in his honor) in 1870. His father was a civil servant who obeyed but his brother Alexander was a radical who was sentenced to death for taking part in a plot to kill the Tsar. At the age of twenty-three Lenin had become a Marxist who was ablaze. Month of December 1895 he was arrested by the Tsarist government for his revolutionary activities and thrown into prison for fourteen months. After that he was exiled to Siberia.

During the three years in Siberia (which apparently does not digubrisnya as torture), he married a woman who was also berfaham revolutionary and write a book Growth of Capitalism in Russia. Period of exile in Siberia ended in February 1900 and several months later Lenin to travel to Western Europe. No less than seventeen years he traveled, became a master of revolutionary. When the Labor Party Russian Social-Democratic members of which Lenin was broken into two parts, so the leadership of Lenin larger fragments, the Bolsheviks.

World War I opened a big opportunity for Lenin. The war was disastrous military and for the Russian economy and consequently to increase the people's dissatisfaction with the Tsar's government system. Tsar's government was finally overthrown in March of 1917 and for a time seemed to Russia led by a democratic government. Upon hearing the fall of the Tsar, Lenin hurry back to. Russia and his native country when he gets in he will quickly see and concluded that the democratic parties - despite the provisional government set up - do not have enough strength and power is very good condition Communist party made a strong discipline to handle the situation under control even if its members a bit. Because it encourages the Bolsheviks Lenin jumped forward mengguhngkan interim government and replace it with a Communist government. Experiment rebellion in July did not work and forced Lenin to hide. The second experiment in November 1917 successfully and Lenin became head of the new state.

As head of government, Lenin's hard but on the other hand he's very pragmatic. At first he add the pressure of uncompromising short transition period towards full economic society based on socialism. When this is not the way, Lenin gracefully back and took the mixed economic system of capitalist-socialist. This walk in the Soviet Union for several years.

In May 1922 Lenin was ill, so the attack was sick until the death of Lenin in 1924 practically can not do anything. Once dead, his body was embalmed and carefully maintained, laid in mausoleum in Red Square today.

Important feature of Lenin is that he's a fast acting, so he was the one who established Communist rule in Russia. He embraced the teachings of Karl Marx and translate it in the form of practical political action is real. Since the month of November 1917 has been the expansion of Communist power throughout the world. Now, about a third of the world's population adopted schools of Communist.

Despite the importance of Lenin lies in a practical political leader, Lenin also support the influence through his writings. Lenin's thoughts are not contrary to Marx, but there are changes in pressure. Lenin was too fascinated by the tactics of the revolution, and he felt no special advantage in this business. He constantly emphasized the need for the use of violence: "No problems whatsoever in relation class struggle can be resolved without violence," is a typical expression. Marx only need to associate the dictatorship of the proletariat and again, but Lenin was too tempted by it. For example saying: "Dictatorship of the proletariat none other than the power not based on violence infinite, both the legal limits and the limits of absolute rule."

Lenin's ideas about the real dictatorship is more political than economic importance. Terpokok characteristics of Soviet rule in politics is not economic (socialist governments in many countries) but more basic feature lies in the techniques for maintaining political power indefinitely. Calculated from the time of Lenin lived, not a single Communist government anywhere in the world - once stood with kokohnya - can be deposed. With the careful supervision of all institutions of power in the country - mass media, banks, churches, trade unions and others - the Communist government seems to have undermined the possibilities of overthrowing the government. There could be weak spots in its power, but no one could find it.

Communism certainly clear bin is great movement which has historical significance. It's not really clear who could be considered the most influential in this movement, Marx or Lenin. I think Marx pentirig have more meaning because he preceded and influenced Lenin. But still denying this assumption because of practical political ability of Lenin is a very complicated factor in establishing Communism in Russia. Without the role of Lenin, the Communists seemed to be waiting for years to have the opportunity to take power and will face a more organized resistance. Therefore, it is not impossible not to succeed. In terms of establishing the significance of Lenin, one should not forget how short the days of holding. Also, the establishment of the dictatorship of the proletariat in the Soviet Union a greater blessing than his successor of Lenin, Stalin harder.

Throughout his life Lenin was a hard worker and diligent. He was a very famous and the number of books he wrote no fewer than 55 volumes. He dedicated his whole life for the purposes of the revolution, and although he loved his family, he did not want his work disturbed. Ironically, let him spend all his age in the experiment to eliminate oppression, achievements of the struggle is the destruction of all aspects of personal freedom.

Hundred Most Influential People in History
Michael H. Hart, 1978

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