How are you my friends, than no job and so I am posting page looks much, here I'll tell you a little about how to reinstall WINDOWS XP, may have a lot of friends who knew about it but I still would discuss it because yesterday I my friend asked for help installing Windows XP hers, than he paid dearly for WINDOWS XP install, it's better to buy a pack of cigarettes for me .... hahaha
Step-by-step installation of Windows XP:
1. Prepare the Windows XP CD
2. Turn on the computer
3. Enter into the BIOS by pressing the DELETE or F2 key on the keyboard.
4. Booting in the BIOS settings on the PC with the following order:
a. First boot (first boot): CDROM
b. Second boot (the boot): HDD0 or IDE0 (Disk)
c. Third boot (booting third): up to you.
5. Save changes to the BIOS settings by pressing F10 and then answered Yes then ENTER.
6. Insert the Windows CD X
7. Then follow these steps

After you insert the Windows XP CD, it will show the message "Press any key to boot from CD" Press ENTER to boot the Windows XP CD.

After that will come

Windows XP Professional Setup
1. To set up Windows XP now, press ENTER.
2. To repair a Windows XP installation using Recovery Console, press R.
3. To quit Setup without installing Windows XP, press F3.
Press ENTER to start the installation of Windows XP.
Then will come

Microsoft XP Licensing Agreement
1. F8 = I agree
2. ESC = I do not agree
3. PAGE DOWN = Next Page
Press F8, to agree on the Windows XP license agreement
Then will come

Windows XP Professional Setup
Use the arrow keys on the bottom and to select items on the menu.
• To setup Windows XP on the selected item, press ENTER.
• To create a partition in the unpartitioned space, press C.
• To delete the selected partition, press D.
Then press Enter to do the setup ... ... ... ..
Select the format hard drive partition to format the partition using the NTFS file system and then press ENTER.

The next press ENTER again to format the hard drive partition that we created earlier
On display will show the message Please wait while Setup formats the partition
The next process is copying data / files from the Windows CD in the CD-ROM into the hard drive
After the partition and format division managed the computer will restart automatically own PC or by pressing the ENTER key

After the computer restarted it will perform like Windows XP logo below (Microsoft Windows XP Professional)

After the loading process is complete, the next process is the installation of windows (Installing Windows)

At the time of the installation process windows will appear the windows and Languange Regional Options, click Next for the next process.

In the Personalize Your Software window there are 2 items that Name & Organization, fill in the information you want. After you fill click Next. (for example in the Name: DEDE & Organization: BONTANG)

The next process is to enter the Your Product Key (Serial Number is invalid or serlisensi / registered at Microsoft). Length character serial number for each Windows is 25 characters. After you enter the correct serial number on the Product Key click Next

The next process is the Computer Name and Administrator Password. In the Computer Name fill in the name you want as an example BONTANG. (This is the information for your computer name). In the Type an administrator password. (you can fill in the password or not at all) Click Next for the next process

The next process Date and Time Settings. Click Next to the next process

The next Networking Settings. Select Typical Settings and click Next

The next process is the Workgroup or Computer Domain. Select No and click Next

After the installation process is complete then the computer will restart itself automatically PCs

Once the boot process is complete then you will see a Display Settings window, click OK and on the Monitor Settings tab click OK again

After the adjustment process between the Windows display settings with VGA hardware is finished you will see a display like this below

Click Next and then there is another view and then click Skip will appear

Ready to register with Microsoft?
Are you ready to register online with Mircosoft?
• Yes
• No
In this option select No and click Next for the next process

The next process is to create a user account in Your Name WindowsPada fill user name you want. 1 user name should be ... ... .. Then click Next

Thank you!
Congratulations you have completed the installation of Windows XP Click Finish to end

Good luck ^. ^

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