How to quickly listed in google adsense

Google Adsense (GA) is an online-based earnings ppc (pay per click) which was seeded on the Internet, especially in Indonesia. To register you need to sign in by entering original identity we have, including the website. Then after that is wait (approximately 1-3 days) whether we will accept or not.

Here are some tips to process your application quickly accepted by the technical support Google Adsense.

1. Use Gmail
Google now provides a free email facility for the netter on the internet, try to register at to get free email used for registration process to Google Adsense.

2. Use / Blogspot
To enroll in the Google Adsense, you must register your site, well, if not have a website then try a free blog-based website, the Blogger / Blogspot is addressed in Or can also use the services of Google's other, for this can be found in the search engine

3. Website Language Bahasa
Try the website listed to Google's Adsense is a website that has content or content that speaks Bahasa chance than acceptable, Bahasa language website can also enjoy the services that are not available when we signed up with the Indonesian-language website.

4. Content writing has a lot of
In addition to speaking Bahasa try to fill the website with writings that are useful for many people. Approximately 10 articles to make their length an average of approximately 3 / 4 (three quarters) Microsoft Word pages with normal spaces. Try writing the original, the original of your ideas, but if you want to copy - paste (Copas) written by others, please only, provided you ask permission first and include the original source of these writings on your website. Remember, respect other people's work if you want to be appreciated.

5. Find Online total number
Find the visitors as much for your website, how can tell the website that you have to your friends or someone else, sign up to search engines, directories, etc. or it could be a link exchange (link exchange) and so on.

Tips above are some ways to speed up the registration process we are on Google Adsense, may still be many other ways to speed up the registration process you on Google Adsense, then that try looking for more, including the search in search engines.

Ways above have been practiced by some people AdSenser moment to register with Google Adsense, and proved to be more readily accepted by the technical support Google Adsense, but that does not mean if it does not use over a longer acceptance process, because you could not practice ways on your website but is still acceptable in quick time by Google Adsense, chances are your site has gained trust from the Google Adsense.
Good try ... good luck

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Herman said...

thanks a lot, boss! Amien

Herman said...

I'd like to try it now .... if you have got another, please tell me as soon as possible. I guess you wish..

best regards, Joesoft7

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